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Hollywood film Shawshank Redemption review, full cast, and ending explanation

Shawshank Redemption received a 9.3 rating and over 2,241,596 votes on IMDB. It is liked by 90% fresh story 
on Rotenomatos and 90% by Metacritic and 96% of viewers liked on Google.


Budget and earning
The film had a budget of $ 25 million and the film grossed $ 58.3 million at the box office.

Movie characters

The prisoner
Andy Dufresne, Bogus Diamond, Brooks Hattlen, Alice Boyd 'Red' Redding, Fat Ass, Floyd, Heywood, Rooster, Tommy Williams, Tyrell

The guard
Byron Headley, Warden Norton

Other characters
Glenn Quinton, Jake, Linda Dufresne, Rita Hayworth, Rock Hammer

An Ever Green Classic Movie
I do not know friends that you will believe this, but when Shawshank Redemption was released in Hollywood in 1994, Believe it or not, the film flopped at the box office. This film slowly got liked by the people as it is a classic movie and hence the inclination towards this film gradually increased and the rating kept getting better. Rather, if I were to say that today, take out the list of 10 classic Greatest English films, then you will definitely see Shashank in every list.

Some lessons of life
Well, this film can be seen as a good motivational overall, but if we are putting some things that should be learned from this film, then we are the first of them - never lose hope in life because hope should be lost But the world continues, when Andy is arrested for the crime of blood of his wife and his lover's lover, he tells them that she is not open, but the truth was that she has to spend all her life in the same prison. And so he works with patience and a calm mind and keeps alive himself to escape from there.

The second lesson is to always choose your friend wisely. You will remember when Andy goes to jail, for the first time when Morgan Freeman tries to talk to Andy, Andy does not even talk to Alice Boyd on the first day, he takes a little time, he observes all the people, people After testing, they finally dissect that Alice Boyd is the man who can be a friend throughout my life.

The third lesson is to think about yourself but sometimes in some moments, you should think about others more than yourself. While a clinic was running on the terrace, Andy goes to the guard to help him in tax and in return he asks the guard for the beer, not for himself but for friends. He himself does not drink beer because he had given up drinking. If you think of others, when you help others, they give you respect.

The fourth lesson is that whenever someone attacks you physically, which may be more powerful than you and you cannot win from him, you are not afraid of him and by putting eyes in his eyes give him the message that you do not ask him Fear causes fear in his heart and now pain in his heart and mind causes fear, which causes him to get confused. When Bogus Diamond said to Andy with a screwdriver in his hand, I will put it in your head, Andy says without fear in his eyes, if you put me in my head, I will bite you in such a place that you will open my mouth. Crobar will have to be used.

The fifth lesson is that your education will never be wasted, whatever your talent is, whatever degree you have studied, it always works. Andy uses the same accounting talent, finance background, and helps everyone by using the talent, and Findley also helps himself because it makes a lot of money.

The sixth lesson is to never share the biggest secret of your life with anyone. No one knows that Andy Prison is breaking, even the young man Alice Boyd, who is Andy's closest friend, does not know that Andy Prison breaks up knowing that Hea and Andy successfully escape from prison and this is their most There is a big master plan, so he does not share this plan with anyone. Nobody even has an idea, no one has a clue about Andy's plan.

Rating film
The more you watch this film, the more you learn something new, Andy, Alice Boyd, the jailer, and the rest have all done world-class acting. If we talk about our rating, then we will give the acting of this film 4.75 out of 5, 4.75 out of 5 for Direction, 5 out of 5 for Suspense, and overall this film will be given a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

End of film
This is the story of Andy, who is the Vice President of a very large bank and has achieved a lot of progress at a very young age, and his wife and his lover's lover are accused of murder and all the evidence against it. If it happens, the judges sentence him to life imprisonment. The prison in which Andy goes is the name of Shashank. The whole story revolves around three characters, Andy who is a banker, Alice who has been in prison for nearly 20 years, and Norton, who is the warden of this prison, that is, the head of the lake.

Hammer demand
Andy does not talk to anyone about coming to jail, he is always silent and quiet, then he talks to Alice after several days. Actually, Alice provides things to all the people in this prison, that is, anyone from outside the prison needs anything, Alice speaks to her and Alice arranges for him. Andy tells Alice that I want a hammer and Alice gives it, thinking that he is asking her to protect him. Hammer plus some A very large poster of an actress is also called for and puts it on the wall of his prison cell. But the hammer that Andy gets is small enough that only you can carve stones.

Headley's help in finance
One day the warden calls everyone and says that the roof has to be repaired and for this I need a dozen people but for this about 100 people apply and from which Andy is also selected. Headley, who is in charge of the security that monitors those people, is a bit anxious and the reason for his trouble is that his brother made 30 thousand dollars in the name of Headley but it is no use because all his money will go to tax. In such a situation, Andy tells Headley that if you pay all the money to your wife, then you can save your entire tax because once in the government life, you give permission to your wife to give a gift of up to 60 thousand dollars and that money There is no tax on the pay. They say that you will need a lawyer for this work and he will take money from you, but I can do this work for free.

Beer fun
In exchange for this help, Andy says that instead of giving 3-3 cold beers to all my friends and in the next scene all the prisoners are enjoying the cold beer. But not Andy's father because Andy has given up all the drugs. Now Andy and Alice slowly become friends, one day Alice asks Andy why did you kill your wife and Andy says that I did not kill. Andy asks Alice what you did, Alice says blood but we are all innocent. Actually, it is a joke in jail that I am innocent, so when anyone says that I am innocent, it is considered a joke.

Admitted to the hospital
Once all the prisoners are watching the film but Andy does not like the film, he goes out because the same film is shown to them all over again. Now when he goes out, there are three people who repeatedly rape him and he takes him and takes him to the room where the film reels and the one who is running the film He sends her out and a scuffle ensues between Andy and the trio, and Andy is very injured and admitted to the hospital for a month. This time Andy does not bow down to those people and appears to be fighting those people. So, Headley, whom Andy helped, gets angry and dies the three and they too are admitted to the hospital and transferred to another prison.

Warden search
A few days later the warden arrives at Andy's cell to meet because Andy had become quite famous within a few days, so the warden wanted to test Andy on the pretext of checking. Now in Andy's cell he sees a huge poster of the heroine and Andy's Bible in his hand since Andy knew that the warden had faith in the Bible because whenever someone comes to prison, Varden must tell him that someone here Won't disrespect God, so he shows the warden that he believes the Bible enough and this also satisfies the warden and he doesn't say anything for the big poster of the heroine.

Work of librarian
After this, Vordon calls Andy and asks him do you like working as a laundry because Andy used to work as laundry in prison but he did not like anything special and therefore Vordan would make him assistant to the librarian. is. With this, many people got their tax returns filled with Santhi Andy and his work was increasing every year. Now Andy makes Alice his assistant to fill so many returns. On the other hand, the condition of the library was very bad, so he also writes the government letter so that the condition of this library can improve and some other books come here. Which, after a few days, the government agrees and their jail library improves a bit and many of the books come to them so that every prisoner comes there to study.

The bitter truth of life
Friends, the librarian here is very old and he was about to be released in a few days but he does not want to be left untouched so he even tries to kill someone in jail but Andy convinces him that he is someone else Do not take life and after a few days the old man is released, but after cutting 50 years in prison, the outside world had changed a lot and he cannot commit himself so he commits suicide.

Warden greed
The warden starts a program and the name of this program is these art programs and it will include that the inmates of the prison will be taken out and made to work. The benefit will be that the prisoners will learn to work hard and they will know how to earn money through hard work and they will also be able to help the outside world because their labor will be very cheap.
Now Vardan takes a lot of contacts with the help of his cheap labor and prints a lot of money but he has all the money in black and converts his black money into Andy White and for this, he makes a plan and according to the plan, Vordan is a Partner is Randall Steven. Actually, he is not a human being, he makes fake documents of this name and on the basis of fake documents, he makes that man a partner of Vardan so that even if caught in this future, the police will have to find a person who in this world It does not exist.

Address of truth by William
Now a new prisoner arrives in the prison William who hears Andy's name and goes to him for help. In fact, William wants to complete his studies so that he too can become a good person and so Andy is ready to help him, and seeing Andy's ability so much, he wonders what Andy is doing in prison. When asked, Alice tells him that he is accused of his wife's blood and he was a very big banker earlier.

After some thinking, William tells that no Andy has not murdered but a friend of his, who is a thief, he had murdered, he told that the man woke up while stealing, so to save himself he bleed those couple's blood And after Andy realizes that he is not bloody he tells the warden but the warden does not listen to Andy for his selfishness. The warden puts Andy into the dungeon for a month to suppress Andy's voice, and by the end the warden also kills William so that the truth of Andy's innocence is never revealed. The warden does this to save his business because Andy knows a lot about the warden's black exploits.
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Glimpse of future
After this they show that Andy was very depressed outside and Alice comes to him and asks if you will ever be able to get out of here, he says that maybe I am too old then and my brain stopped working. Must have given then. Andy says that if I come out of here, he will open the hotel in the middle of Mexico and catch fish. Andy also tells Alice that whenever you are released, you go to Buxton and there is a special there is a field on which there are walls of stone and to the north of it there is a tree. There you will see something buried under the stones, keep it with you. That day, Alice is very upset for Andy because she also realizes that Andy has also asked someone for a rope so that he can do something. Whilst doing all the work of Andy Warden's account, he goes to his cell to sleep.

Andy escapes
When Andy does not come out of the cell the next day, the guard plays a siren that is played when the prisoner escapes, so the warden calls Alice and asks where she is so Alice says I don't know. Now there was only one way to get out of that cell, it was his gate from which Andy did not leave, so the warden asks where Andy went. In anger, he throws some very small stones lying on top of the guards, and he throws one on the poster, then everyone is left to see that he does not return to hit the stone but crosses it. When that poster is removed, it is known that Andy has made a tunnel there, through which Andy runs away.

Get the warden punished
After escaping from prison, Andy goes to all the banks where the warden has deposited the money in the name of Randall Steven and Andy withdraws all the money because Andy was the only one who signaled by becoming Randall Steven and this plan also belongs to him. Andy also gives evidence of the warden's black exploits to the media so that all the people know the truth of the warden, but before the police arrive, the warden shoots himself.

Story twists
The twist of the story here is that when Andy keeps the warden's paper a day before he runs away, it is not Andy's paper but the Bible. When the warden opens it, he finds a small hand in it and he realizes that Andy used to hide his hand here and with this hammer Andy was digging the tunnel for 20 years.

After this, when Alice goes to the park as promised, she gets a map and money there, and following the map, he reaches Andy, which is Mexico.

Friends, if you have not seen this film in your life, then friends will request you to watch this film that you must watch this film because it is a masterpiece.

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