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'Special OPS' series review, full star cast, what's good and what's bad in the film, film's story


How is the 'Special OPS' series?
The 'Special OPS' series is one of the few films that correctly depicts terrorism and the damage to the nation. The entire focus has been on the series on how dangerous the consequences of terrorism are and how many sacrifices our soldiers have to pay for it. The series is able to hold you till the end and the reason is its big production house, good locations, good screenplay, good acting, and a good story.

Although earlier the series called "The Family Man" was also made keeping this aspect in mind, in this series, you have tried to justify terrorism, which was a failed attempt by the director to compromise the truth. Perhaps this series also faced a lot of criticism.

The film tries to connect you with the terrorism that has taken place in the country and also shows the struggle of the defenders of our country to catch these terrorists. The film has been directed by Neeraj Pandey, who is very expert in making this kind of film, probably because we get to see exactly the same action and thrills in this series as well.

We are of your opinion that you must watch this series, in which the real face of terrorism is shown.

The Special OPS series has a total of 8 episodes and each episode is 40–50 minutes. The director has placed this series in the genre of action, thriller and you can see this film on Hotstar's platform.

You can read this article in the Hindi language

What's good in the 'Special OPS' series?
Talking about the special ops, what is good is the number one screenplay that comes first. The series tries to show you the story of both present and past in a very good way. You join the series quickly and understand the real issue of the story, what the story is trying to explain to you.

The work of the characters in the series are very good and especially KK Menon's work you will like the most. He has the most grip on the series and other characters have also done good justice to his character.

The real-life of the series is its cinematography which makes you feel like a big-budget film and you will feel that you are watching a great film.

What's wrong with the 'Special OPS' series?
The film is definitely a little slow in the middle, especially when the camera comes over Hafiz, it seems that the story is going on a little slower pace.

There are many characters in the film that are not used well such as Vinay Pathak, Divya Dutta, and the rest of the characters of this series are not given a big role due to which they are a little deprived of their strong performance in their character. Are left.

'Special OPS' Series Rating
This series has been rated 8.6 on IMDB out of 10 and we will give 4.25 out of 5 stars to this series.

'Special OPS' series characters
KK Menon, Karan Collision, Sayami Kher, Sana Khan, Divya Dutta, Vinay Pathak, Karan Ashar, Rajat Kaul, Maihar Vij, Vipul Gupta, Gautami Kapoor, Parmeet Sethi, Revathi Pillai, Kali Prasad, Bikramjit Kanwarpal, Muzammil Ibrahim, Sajjad Delfiroz, Sharad Kelkar, Rajendra Chawla, Mir Sirwar

Story of 'Special OPS' series
The film begins with the Intelligence meeting room where all the biggest intelligence officers of India are present and gives their views on the attack on the Parliament of India that 5 people were involved in the attack and how they came to India. But Himmat Singh (Menon) has a different opinion because he says that there were not five but 6 terrorists in the attack and the one who has survived is the mastermind of this attack but no one knows who he is and what it looks like. There have been more attacks after this attack in India and in all this, it has been the hand of this mastermind, whose name is Ikhlak Khan and the team of Himmat Singh is engaged in trying to catch it and for this, Himmat Singh has made many of his partners Have been sent to different countries.

Now Himmat Singh finds out that this Ikhlakh Khan's special man works for Hafiz and Hafiz, Ismail and Ismail have a club and its manager is Javed. Now Himmat Singh sends his team member Fahrukh to his hotel by making him a businessman and according to the plan, Fahrukh now befriends Ismail through Javed. Now Fahrukh finds a chance to meet Hafiz and after some time he gets a chance to meet Hafiz by giving him a great help.

After some time Fahrukh gets a chance to capture Ikhlakh Khan but Fahrukh does not succeed in this but soon Fahrukh and Himmat Singh find out that Hafiz is Ikhlakh Khan and Fahrukh is now Hafiz in a good place Kills and kills him. But the new plan of Hafiz is to ruin a big meeting of India and Pakistan to be held in Delhi and for this, they want to bomb the hotel in which this meeting is going to be held for which Ikhlakh Khan is his third wife Saadia Qureshi ( Divya Dutta). But the team of Himmat Singh takes Sadiya Qureshi as time goes on but they do not get the bomb and the first season ends here.

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