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'Unlock' movie review, star cast, what's good and bad, the story of the film


How is the unlock movie
The unlocked movie was released on 26 June 2020 on the G5 platform and the film is a total of 58 minutes, that is, you can finish watching this film quickly. This film was directed by Debatma Mandal and the director has put this film in the genre of horror and dark web, but seeing this film, you can say that the director himself got confused in these two genres in which film genre How high or low the part should be. Perhaps that is why he inserts some scenes in the film that do not appear in the horror genre and the Dark Web can do something like this.

In many scenes, the audience is not sure how it is possible that it has been tried to show as the dark web because still a lot of things in India, light, cars, etc. have not been fully automated which the Dark Web This film remains only a joke.

The director has tried to warn the people of the harm caused by the use of the dark web, but in this, the film completely flops. You can not give your talk and message to a big subject on top of which a series can be made and that too with a number of seasons, you can finish it in just one hour, that is why the storylines of this film seem to be much weaker. is. It seems that the writer has not made any effort to build up the story, so whoever is using this app is not aware of why he is doing it.

In our opinion, if you do not have anything to watch then only you see this film or else in our opinion it is only good.

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Movie rating
The film has got a rating of 4.1 on IMDB out of 10 and we will give 1.5 out of 5 stars to this series.

What's right in the movie
The message of this film can be seen correctly that the wrong result is wrong. We should not choose the bad path to get something because we too can get bad results from it.

You can appreciate Hina Khan's acting that she has tried to do full justice to her character.

What's wrong with the movie
This film is placed in the horror genre, while you will not get to see a single scene of the horror.

Due to weak storylines and character building, if any character is doing any work, then the reason behind it will not be known to you.

Everyone's work in the name of acting will only disappoint you because fake laughter and artificial dialogues will make you very upset.

The idea of ​​using Darakweb as a gin seems really funny. The film has a childish act of giving the dark web hackers the appearance of ghosts by not showing them as hackers.

'Unlock' movie direction, screenplay, and music
The film 'Unlock' has failed in all three cases because the direction of the film is so weak that the film has been unable to fully explain itself. The writer has not written any character so well that the audience should see themselves attached to that character. The music of the film is not so good that you never feel yourself in the dilemma of horror and suspense.

Movie star cast
Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon, Aditi Arya, Rishabh Sinha

Story of 'unlock' movie
The story of the movie 'Unlock' begins when four friends Amar, Riddhi, Anubhav, and Suhani meet at a party where Amar and Riddhi have a lot of love and they are very close to each other and have gone far ahead in relation Huh. But Suhani is quite upset with the relationship between these two as she has known Amar since college time and loves her heart to heart but could not say to date and so she keeps on trying that Riddhi is not close to Amar. Go but she is not very successful in it.

Suhani hides the camera in her room to blackmail Riddhi but Riddhi accidentally puts her clothes on her and she survives Suhani's trick. Due to which Suhani gets very angry and now she wants Riddhi to immortal under any circumstances. Suhani tries to hack Riddhi's mobile but in the meantime, Suhani accidentally installs an app on her mobile from the dark web called "Unlock".

The unlocked app asks Suhani to speak her wish, in response to which Suhani asks for Amar, the unlocked app hacks Riddhi's phone and sends some old pictures of Riddhi, which belonged to her and her old boyfriend, to Amar, so that Amar Gets annoyed and breaks up with Riddhi. But here the unlock app also makes Suhani do a wrong thing in return which Suhani has to force. Similarly, Anubhav too installs the unlock app in his mobile, he is given a task to kill Riddhi, which also has to do with compulsion, but after this, the experience kills itself due to regrets.

In the next scene, the app tells Suhani that your path is clear, you can now offer Amar and Suhani does the same, but as Suhani hugs Amar, Amar kills Suhani with a knife, this is because Amar Is also using the unlock app and for that, it was a task and its film ends here.

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