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Are you also snatching your child's childhood? Serious Men movie review, what is good in the film and what is bad, star cast, Story plot of the film


How is the movie, Serious Men?
It is said that children are the future of every country because they have to grow up and fulfill the responsibility of the country and take the country forward. A child is a mold that you can mold in any shape and prepare it for the future in any way. But in today's fast-paced world, parents cause problems for their children by putting their children ahead of others or by putting their will on children. The child no longer does what he or she wants, but instead tries to fulfill the desire of their parents and from here their mental suppression starts. Many times its fatal results are also seen, which have been tried in many Bollywood films.

An attempt has been made to show this subject more effectively in the film Serious Man. This is the story of a father and child, in which a father uses lies to get himself out of poverty and make his child famous, but he and his child have to face many problems in the future. How he copes with all these problems is the story of this film.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Akshat Das will be seen in the main character of the film, whose work is so great that you will find yourself the father and your child inside Akshat. Indira Tiwari and Nissar will also win your heart with their performances in the film. By the way, the specialty of this film is its long century story and powerful performance. While the story of the film is taken from a book written by Manu Joseph, but writers like Niren Bhatt, Abhijeet Khuman, Bhavesh Mandalia, and Nikhil Nair have a big hand to bring the entire book's story to the screen in just 2 hours.

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Should we watch the Serious Men movie?
The film raises very serious issues that we see in everyday life. It is important to explain what kind of pressure is always on children, so it is important to watch this film, but it is important to tell here that you do not watch this film with your children because it used the streets and some adult scenes. has gone.

What is the rating of the movie Serious Men?
The film Serious Man has been rated IMDB at 7.4 out of 10. We will give this film 3 stars out of 5 for the best performance and a good screenplay.

What's good in the movie Serious Men?
The film highlights many important aspects such as snatching children from their childhood, imposing their will on children, Christian missionaries greedily convert poor people, the poor man's struggle for a good life.

There is a lot of focus on the development of the characters in the film, which has given all the characters full time to connect with the people.

The screenplay of the film is quite tight, so you will never be bored in the film, every scene brings some message for you.

What's wrong with the movie Serious Men?
Seeing the film, you will definitely feel that the film is running at a much faster pace, probably because it is not so easy to cover an entire book in just 2 hours.

How is the direction, screenplay, and music of the film Serious Men?
The direction and screenplay of the film are very good, where the director while fighting poverty has brought the screen of a father to the screen well, while the mental troubles of the child have also been conveyed to the audience well. The screenplay of the film is quite tight, so leaving behind only a few moments, you will not feel that even if this scene does not happen, then the film is not harmed.

The music of the film is average, so do not expect more from it.

Serious Men movie star cast
Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Ayyan, Indira Tiwari: Ojha Mani, Akshat Das: Adi Mani, Nissar: Dr. Acharya, Sanjay Narvekar: Keshav Dhavere, Shweta Basu Prasad: Aparna, Durgesh Kumar: Commentator, Vidhi Chitalia: Oparana Sengupta, Uday Mahesh: Namboodri

Story plot of the story of serious men film
The story begins with Ayyan (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who works in a science research company and his senior is Dr. Acharya (Nissar), who always gives Ayyan a street and shows him down. Ayyan knows that Acharya only misleads the media and the country by spreading false affidavits and he informs the seniors about it, due to which Acharya's job is lost. Ayyan wants his son to become his rich ladder so that he speaks all sorts of lies so that his son is known in front of people by a genius Adi (Akshat Das).

Akshat Das was constantly getting mentally ill to fulfill his father's dreams. Akshat was now quite famous in his school and in his area, which now started being used for politics. But now Akshat becomes very sick, so now Ayan realizes his mistake, so now he removes his child from all these things, as a result of which Akshat now recovers. In the end, it is shown that Ayan is no longer able to complete his dreams, so he himself has gone into depression.

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