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How much did you understand this series? Bicchoo ka khel web series review, what is good in series and what is bad, star cast, the story plot of the series


How is the Bicchoo ka khel series?
After the failure of Mirzapur 2, people had a lot of expectations from Divyendu Sharma's next series, but whether it has managed to make a place among the audience or not, you will find out on your own after reading the entire article. Scorpion's Game is a crime, thriller, action-packed story directed by Ashish Shukla and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.

Ekta is slowly trying to get hold of the OTT platform in addition to TV serials, in which she has been successful to a large extent because she has made some good series but there are others and fans. They are very angry with him. In this series too, you will get to see the spirit of the series of unity, so it is up to the audience how they see this series with that sense.

There is nothing new in the name of the story in the series but suspense will feel good. An attempt has been made to depict the story in the atmosphere of Uttar Pradesh, but one mistake is being made by every director these days and that is the excessive use of the streets. The story of the series seems to be running at a tremendous speed and with it, some scenes are left in the middle which is not even tried to add further.

Although the series runs very fast, still you would like to watch this series fast forward and the reason for this is the weakening of the story, acting completely lifeless by many characters. To get a grip on the series, the director has tried to put a lot of suspense in the story but seeing the series, you already get a lot of suspense.

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Should we watch a scorpion game series?
The simple answer is - Yes. The series is designed to thrill you in many ways, in which the directors have been successful to a great extent. But if you are planning to watch this series for good characters and story, then you will be a little disappointed.

There are also abuses in the series, so it cannot be called a family series.

What is the rating of bicchoo ka khel Series?
The Scorpion Game Series has a rating of 8.2 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give 2.5 out of 5 stars to this series.

What good is a scorpion game in a series?
The series moves very fast, so you will not be bored. In addition to this, you get some suspense in the story as well, in the middle of the story, you will be thrilled.

The major characters of the series have also given their best performance, which is going to be a lot of fun seeing you. Divyendu Sharma has again managed to make the audience his fan with his work, probably because one in every five web series has Divyendu. Divyendu prepares very well for his character, so he does not take much time to get into that character.

What is the scorpion game bad in the series?
Many characters in the series have made such a lifeless performance that you will go ahead by cutting that entire scene. You will not get to see that much mastery in taking the series off-screen, due to which you will not feel enchanted in any scene of the series.

The series also has many technical flaws, due to which many fight scenes will appear to you to be fake.

None of the characters in the series have been well developed, due to which you are not able to connect well with that character and the big reason is that the story of the series runs very fast.

Some things seem completely beyond logic, where Divyendu's father seems almost the same age, but with this, he has so much interest in him that he talks to his father in every way while he is a middle class of a Benaras Is people of

How are the Scorpion game series direction, screenplay, and music?
The direction of the series will make you feel average, so you will feel it to see a mediocre series again and again. Similarly, the story also gives you a surprise on light-hearted occasions, but the story will be considered weak according to the whole series.

The music of the series does entertain you a bit from the songs of olden times but the background music of the series is also not that amazing.

Bicchoo ka khe web series star cast
Divyendu Sharma: Akhil Srivastava, Anshul Chauhan: Rashmi Chaubey, Saeed Zeeshan Quadri: Nikunj Tiwari, Mukul Chaddha: Babu Srivastava, Satyajit Sharma: Anil Choubey, Rajesh Sharma: Mukesh Choubey, Trishna Mukherjee: Pratima Chaubey, Gagan Anand: Rajveer, Akanksha Thakur: Renu Singh, Praise Sharma: Poonam Tiwari, Abhinav Anand: Vikas, Sridhar Dubey: Prem Pandey, Monika Chaudhary: Saroj

Story plot of Bicchoo ka khel web series
The story begins with a play in which Akhil kills a lawyer and surrenders himself, but he saves himself from being a criminal. Now the police are looking for how Akhil has murdered that lawyer but Akhil is doing all this to avenge his father's killers but still has to find his father's main accused.

For this, Akhil goes to find Khuni of a Bahubali in the city whose Akhil's father was jailed and then murdered for the false accusation of murder. Akhil's girlfriend Rashmi Choubey, who is the daughter of a lawyer, also assists Akhil, but now the police arrest Rashmi Choubey, so the pressure on Akhil has increased to find Khuni as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Akhil's girlfriend escapes from jail but gets kidnapped. In the end, it is shown that both the lawyer and the famous Bahubali are murdered by the elder brother of the lawyer but Nikhil saves his girlfriend by playing on his life and also catches the criminal.

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