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Learn the hidden message of the 10 famous companies logos and the story behind their formation.


If a company or brand name is taken in front of you, in which you have gone before, then what will be the first image in your mind. Yes, friends, the logo of that brand or company because the same logo is the identity of that company or brand. Like speaking on an Apple computer, mobile, tablet, you will first take a picture of Apple's logo in your mind, no matter what its You are about the product.

You will not notice throughout the day that there are many such scenes that are presented to a brand and company. There are many companies whose logo not only has its identity but some secrets and some stories behind it. Most people will certainly be unaware of those things, but today we see 10 such insignia which have some secrets and some stories behind them.

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01 - MI
Friends, you must have noticed nowadays that every other person has the same brand of MI and many people do not know the meaning of MI. When the company responded to this, they said that MI means mobile Internet. When this company was opened, then it also faced many challenges, but still today the company is one of the top mobile vendor companies, so MI was also called Mission Impossible which would not be wrong to say.

02 - Amazon
There is no need to tell anyone how big Amazon is because Sayed would be a mobile internet user who did not buy anything from Amazon. But have you ever thought that the arrow below the Amazon is why it is and why it starts with "A" and ends with "Z"?

The answer to the first question is that the arrow below the Amazon symbol represents a handcuffed face. This arrow ends with "Z", indicating that the company sells all name products between "A" to "Z".

03 - adidas
Friends, do you know that both Adidas and Puma are owned by brothers and both are named Adolf Deschler and Rudolf Dechler, together they opened a shoe company with two strips in the logo. But when there was a rift between the two, Rudolph opened a company called Puma and Adolf added another strip to it, altering his old logo.

Regarding its meaning, Adolf explained that the three strips depict a mountain range that stands like a rock all the time and it shows the courage of any player to give up.

04 - Apple
The name of Apple, one of the world's largest companies, would be known by almost every mobile consumer, and by looking at its logo, it must have once wondered why the Apple logo is not complete. While making the Apple logo, Rob Xanoff considered that if the Apple is made complete, then the person who sees the Apple logo will not recognize it at first glance that it is an Apple because a complete Apple is visible They may also look like tomatoes or cherries, so they used chopped apples to make them easily recognizable.

05 - Ferrari
The Ferrari insignia depicts a horse that stands on two legs and has two legs in the air. Most people associate it with speed, but this answer is incorrect because the Ferrari logo has nothing to do with speed. It is a little old World War I, which was attended by a great pilot Francesco Barca and there was a photo of this horse on his plane.

When Ferrari's car was not even built, then Ferrari's owner met Francesco's mother, then Francesco's mother told him that this horse is like a lucky charm that brings good time and good luck for you. Francesco's mother then gave the owner of the Ferrari a photo of the horse as a gift. This horse was used as a symbol when Ferrari was initiated.

06 - Wikipedia
The name of Wikipedia comes at the top in the world of information and in its logo, you will find a truth which many people do not accept. Yes, friends, Wikipedia's logo is made of the shape of a globe because it gives you information about the whole world.

There is something written in many languages ​​in its insignia which shows the languages ​​spoken in many countries. If you add all these words, it shows the name of Wikipedia.

But you must also have noticed that Wikipedia's logo does not show the entire globe and that is because knowledge is never complete. You always need to learn something or the other and many people do not accept this thing easily. Perhaps this is why Wikipedia has created a way to show its information in such a way that if any wrong or incomplete information is written on Wikipedia, then later anyone can correct it.

07 - Hundai
Looking at the Hyundai logo, everyone says that in this logo, the first letter of the Hyundai i.e. "H" is written, but it is not so. The Hyundai logo actually refers to the handshake between the two people and these two people are a Hyundai car customer and a salesman selling the car. When the customer joins hands after buying the car from the salesman of Hyundai, both the customer and the company express their trust and confidence in each other, this is shown through the logo itself.

08 - NIKE
Friends, there is no meaning in the Nike logo, but the story of its creation is the most interesting. Actually, the Nike logo is the cheapest logo that was made in just 35 $. When Nike was planning to make a logo for the company, they gave it to college students who made it for just $ 35.

Initially, Nike owners were not so happy with this logo but this logo proved to be very lucky for their business and their company started to grow so it was not changed.

09 - Lacoste
Do you know whose animal has been used in the symbol of Lacoste, then of course you will soon answer that the photo of the crocodile has been used in it, but why it has been done, you probably do not know its story. The owner of Lacoste has been a national-level tennis player and is named Renée Lacoste. One day Renée Lacoste was playing a tennis match with his friend and his friend demanded that if I beat you, you should gift me a crocodile-like bag.

This condition was accepted by Renée Lacoste and the two started a tennis match in which Renée Lacoste's friends lost. Now the story of this match was printed by a reporter in his newspaper with the title that Renée Lacoste lost but he played like a crocodile. Renée Lacoste also read this news and he liked the news playing like a crocodile. After this, when Renée Lacoste formed his company, he kept his logo of crocodiles.

10 - Starbucks
Friends, the Starbucks logo has been changed twice ever since the company of Starbucks was formed. When Howard Schultz created this company, his company was very small and he had to use a sea creature in his logo because he loved the sea creatures. The mermaid was used in the same Starbucks logo as this idea.

The earlier mermaid figure in the Starbucks insignia had short hair and a chest, but later changes were made and now in this logo, you will see the hair being bigger when the mermaid is shown up to the neck.

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