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Manan Shah's biography, studies, total wealth, and earnings. How a school dropout kid is earning crores of rupees today by becoming India's famous and youngest ethical hacker and cybersecurity expert. 


Story of Manan Shah
Today we are going to talk about a person who has touched such a position at a very young age on the strength of his hard work and talent, which is probably not a matter of everyone to get. Once upon a time, this child, who left the school due to his passion, also started saying that this boy could not do his schooling, what would he do in his life.

But what is the success in which there is no struggle to fulfill your dream by losing the passion and something else? This child has earned his name not only in India but all over the world through his hard work and dedication. We are talking about Manan Shah, who has made his own identity in the world of moral hacking.

In today's digital age, every person makes their payment and necessary work only through a digital platform to make their work easier, but in all these, they always have the fear that no one can break their privacy. A moral hacker is also required to avoid similar digital deception and theft.

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Biography of Manan Shah
If you talk about ethical hackers in India, then the names of many cyber experts like Vivek Ramachandran, Ankit Fadia, Sunny Vaghela, and Manan Shah will come in your mind or you will be found by searching. But one name is quite special among them and that is Manan Shah because he has proved himself in the world of moral hacking at a very young age.

Manan Shah has found many flaws in the websites of Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook, and has saved them from major losses many times. With this Manan Shah has helped the police of our country many times so that cybercriminals can be caught.

Birth and studies of Manan Shah
Manan Shah was born on 19 August 1993 in Bharuch village in Gujarat. His father's name is Bharat and his mother's name is Pratiksha Shah. Manan Shah's school was 50km away from his house and from the beginning Manan's mind did not seem like much in studies and hence he preferred to sit back in most of the class.

Manan was in class 9 when his parents were getting upset due to the falling level in Manan's studies, so he gifted Manan a computer so that Manan's school records could be improved with the help of computers.

Manan was interested in computers from the beginning and after coming home to the computer, he started spending his time on the computer instead of books. Manan had now specialized himself in computer hardware and basic programming, so he also used to help him in fixing problems faced by others.

To further study Manan, his parents sent him to Baroda but Manan's mind seemed to be here only on a computer, so when Manan reached class 10, he left his studies to complete his passion. But he had not yet told this to his parents.

Biography of Manan Shah
He got the result of this hard work of contemplation at the age of 16 when he created software called black XP and put it on the internet for free. Computer lovers also liked this software and about 20 million people downloaded this software. Due to this achievement, Manan Shah's name got a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

Still, Manan was not clear about which path he had to go ahead. But in 2009, Manan Shah attended a seminar on Ankit Fadia's moral hacking in a university and from here Manan got a way that he too has to make his mark in the world of moral hacking.

Manan now spent many hours a day learning bus hacking and finding the flaws of many big companies through which he started getting both name and money. With this, contemplation of moral hacking also started writing blogs and forums, which gave them more recognition in Bharat.

This was the time when Manan's name began to be taken in the world of big moral hackers. Due to the popularity of Manan, Manan is called to stop cybercrime and catch cybercrime and Manan is always ready to help people.

Manan Shah's ethical hacking company
Manan Shah was now determined to make his career in this field, so now he opened a company based on ethical hacking called Avalance Global Solutions. Manan Shah's company got a big achievement when he got the job of stopping the piracy of Indian films. With this, Manan Shah earned a name by making software to protect Indian companies from big viruses like ransomware.

Manan Shah now wants his knowledge to reach people more, so he has written some books on moral hacking. Along with this, Manan Shah is also mourning video games, so he modified his computer himself and made it such a computer that he could easily play the biggest games on his computer.

Talking about Manan Shah's wealth, according to 2020 figures is $2,000,000. Manan Shah is also mourning for vehicles, so he has vehicles like Audi, Hyundai, McLaren, Ferrari. Manan Shah also has a luxurious house, which shows that Manan also likes Shan Shaukat's life.

If you work hard to get your passion in this way, you will definitely get success, but for this, it is not necessary that you leave your education incomplete. Instead, if you complete your passion with your studies, then your name will be even more illuminated because when someone praises you saying that you have achieved your goal with your studies, then you will be more concerned about yourself.

Our post is about the interviews given by Manan Shah and the information on the internet. We are showing and telling it like a knowledge enhancing information. If you have any suggestions and complaints related to this article, then mail us at reviewdigitalworld@gmail.com

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