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Madam Chief Minister film review, what is good in the film and what is bad, character, story plot of the film


Those who are crazy about film and web series and are waiting to see something good in Bollywood, then their wait is going to be long because there is no such thing in the long run, in which you will get entertainment, story, and its support. You have seen a great performance. If we talk about the drought of the hit films, now it seems that by the time the big actors or big films will be fulfilled, it seems that because small budget web series and films have not been able to do anything amazing right now, one or two films or web Except Series.

Perhaps Bollywood is not understanding the seriousness of the fact that if such films will come on screen, which people can hardly see, then it will reduce the inclination of the people towards Bollywood even if we make the box office collection of these three films. Talking will be nothing less than a joke.

Recently, three films have been released in Bollywood, Madam Chief Minister, Shakeela and The Power, which have not been special, due to which you are going to be disappointed again. However, these three films were definitely in the discussion about their different concept and it was expected that these films will show something different. Let's look at the performance and review of these three films.

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Madam Chief Minister film review

The film depicts the struggle of a woman who becomes the Chief Minister of that state, facing the troubles of the upper caste and small caste that are going on in India. The film has been written and directed by Subhash Kapoor, who has really worked hard for this film, which if you watch this film, you will get to know the dialogue and direction of the film but somewhere in the film's execution that much Due to lack of power, this film could become good.

What is the rating of the film Madam Chief Minister?

The film has a rating of 2.6 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give this film a 1.5 out of 5 stars.

How is the film Madam Chief Minister and should we see this film?

There is nothing special in the film that you can watch this film except your essential work, but if there is nothing to see which is difficult, then you can watch this film.

What's good in the movie

The director of the film, Madam Chief Minister, can be praised for the fact that he has put the story on the screen according to his level so that the atmosphere and tension can be felt which makes a person face all these problems that Happen.

What's bad with the movie

The real problem of the film will be called its casting because the main character of the film i.e. Richa Chadha does not fit the role of a domineering woman and leader at all. Richa Chadha's performance is undoubtedly perfect in Fukrey's Dolly Madame as there is a need for a calm and stubborn character who sits right on Richa, but if she does a scene beating anyone, then she is also a very calm facial expression. She does with This thing has a bad effect on the film and more than half of the audience is not able to connect with the film only because of this.

The work of the hair artist of Madame Chief Minister must be talked about and it has to be explained that it is not necessary that every lady politician has short hair. If you are thinking of doing it this way, then it should look real to a great extent, which is not really visible.

The screenplay of the film Madam Chief Minister can be called average but after half the film is out, the story seems a bit drawn where there is no big issue to show the film.

Except for the main character in the film, not much has been kept for the other characters, so that he would be able to bring a little life to the film.

Madam chief minister movie star cast

Richa Ascended: Tara, Human Call: Danish Rehman Khan, Saurabh Shukla: Surajbhan, Akshay Oberoi: Indramani Tripathi, Tulika Banerjee: Judge, Lajjavati Mishra: Grandmother, Kapil Tilhari: Arvind Singh, Nikhil Vijay: Bablu

What is the story of the film Madam Chief Minister?

The story of this film seems a bit listened to when a pregnant woman is a girl (Tara) at home, her family gets annoyed with her and tries to kill her many times but they do not succeed. The girl grows up with all these troubles where her affair is with a leader who is already married and belongs to a higher caste. When Tara reveals her pregnancy to the leader, he refuses to adopt her.

The leader knows that if Tara speaks in front of the society, his political career will end, so he plans to get him killed but Indramani Tripathi saves him. Tara is now forced to fight for her rights, so she ventures into politics where she becomes the Chief Minister of the state with the support of the public.

But whether or not she will continue in this position and you will have to watch the film to know what more problems will come in front of her.

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