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Where do South people bring such a great story? Ratsasan movie review, what is good in the film and what is bad, the character, story plot of the film


Ratsasan movie review
This film is definitely of 2018 but this film content is so fresh that it is able to keep you bound till the end. Yes, we are talking about the film Ratsasan written and directed by Ram Kumar. Yes, no big name is seen in the film, but if we talk about the direction, actors, good story and good acting, then these aspects can make every film as special as we get to see in this film.

If we talk about suspense psychological films in India, then such films were rarely seen before. But in recent years, we are getting to see such films, especially from South Industry, who are making more than one film. However, even today Bollywood seems to be far behind in this field, so you will miss few such films in which such good suspense, performance, and small but quality action are seen.

The specialty of the film is that the film has presented the story in front of the audience while not disturbing any disputed themes. The story of the film runs between the bloodshed in the city and the twist in the police investigation. Because of the dreadful methods of killing this killer, it is called daemon ie Ratsasan and believe that when you know the methods of killing this murderer and why he does it, you will also call him a Ratsasan

The film is not only about stopping this bloody game but has also been successful in showing how high ranking people do not let anyone get ahead easily, no matter how capable. Due to the attitude of the police, the tasks that must be done very often are too late, which is also very heavy.

There is so much to be said in this film that even the word Syed should be reduced, but we would like to give you a short and tedious review.

You can read this article in the Hindi language

How should we watch the Ratsasan movie?
Yes, there are very few films in which any adult scene can be seen without good suspense, without the gallop, so you must watch this film, although this film is definitely a bit dark.

What is the rating of the Ratsasan movie?
The film has a rating of 8.7 out of 10 on IMDB and 98% of people on Google have liked this film. We will give this film a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Vishnu Vishal - One name in the film that will remain on your tongue for several days is that of Vishnu Vishal. He has brought out all the things of such a great comedy, emotions, and cute boy, that you will be connected to him in a few minutes. From the beginning till the end, you will keep on praising every role and dialogue played by him.

Christopher - The second artist in the film that you will always remember is Saravanan who does not have a single dialogue in the film, but whenever you see his performance, whenever you imagine a mentally ill murderer, you will get the image of this character. He has done a good job in facial expressions, brutality, and fight scenes.

Amala Paul - Amala Paul does not have that deep role in the film but still, she has managed to leave her mark in this film.

What's good in the movie
Talking about the good aspects of this film, this film has given a bang entertainment to the audience in every area.

Ratsasan Direction of the film - The strength of the film is its direction, from the very beginning, the film presents its story to you in such a way that you understand what the story and the characters want to tell you and move forward in the film. Nothing will make you feel like you are lost somewhere in the beginning or there is no point in showing this scene.

The screenplay of the Ratsasan film - The second strength of the film is its story and its gripping screenplay that keeps your interest in the story from beginning to end. The film also gives you a twist according to the need, which also increases the curiosity of the audience.

Music of Ratsasan film - The background music of the film is so great that whenever background music starts playing, you will understand that something is definitely going to happen. The musical use of the piano is really good to be used for suspense in the film, thanks to the music director of the film.

The film has been given full time to create both the main characters like Vishnu and Saravanan so that the audience can connect with them and understand the story from both sides.

The cinematography and makeup of the film must also be praised, which is much better.

What's wrong with the film?
There seems to be a lack of action in the film because the only action in the film is at the end of the film, which definitely makes you a little disappointed.

In this film, you feel a lack of richness, which is seen in big-budget films.

Ratsasan movie star cast
Vishnu Vishal: Arun, Amala Paul: Viji, Radha Ravi: Inspector Rajamanikam, Sangeeli Murugan: Arun's Maken owner, Nijhalgal Ravi: Dr. Nandan, Kali Venkata: Venkata, Abhirami Abhirami: Ammu, Munishakanth: Ramdoss, Saravanan: Christopher, Vinodini Vaidyanathan: Arun Sister, Gajraj: Senior Police Officer, Susan George: ACP Laxmi

What is the story of the Ratsasan movie?

The story of the film begins with Arun who is a writer and takes his story to several directors to make a film over his written story, but he feels frustrated everywhere. Arun's family members get upset with her insistence and Arun himself slowly starts giving up, so he goes to his sister and brother-in-law to help him to get a police job.

Arun's job is now in the police and he gets involved with his senior in the investigation of a murder case but Arun himself keeps investigating and he also gets success. Arun arrests a teacher who used to molest the girls but he tries to escape from the hospital by capturing a man and hence Arun shoots him. Due to this behavior of Arun, he is suspended.

The murderer furthers his craze and he kills Arun's niece, causing Arun, his brother-in-law to be severely broken, and he exerts his full strength to find the murderer.

But the real murderer is still roaming free, so he picks up another girl, but this time Arun's intelligence escapes, but the murderer escapes from Arun's hand. Here Arun gets a glimpse of the murderer and tries to find out about him. A few days later, Viji's niece gets kidnapped, and now Arun resurfaces to catch the killer in order to save it.

At last, Arun finds out that this murderer is a magic-wielding mental patient who succumbs to school-going girls, to avenge his childhood insults. After a magical battle with the killer, Arun kills the killer.

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