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Shakeela film review, what is good in the film and what is bad, character, story plot of the film


Shakeela movie review
This can be said from the claim that who is Shakeela, if this question is asked today by a young person, then most of the time there will be no answer. In such a situation, making a film on it is really a big risk, especially if you are making that film for North India. Shakeela, who is a well-known dancer in the South industry, does not need any recognition but if a director is making her films, then she should definitely take on the actress who, as her, fully embodies her nature.

After watching this film, you will not feel that this film is above Shakeela because the story, language and drama does not make you feel South from anywhere. If you talk about Shakeela's biopic in South, then you will find that film more effective, so many viewers are definitely going to be disappointed with this film.

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What is the rating of Shakeela movie?
This film has got a rating of 3.2 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give this film 1 out of 5 stars.

How is Shakeela film and should we watch this movie?
No, this film does not do justice to your time and money, so neither you watch it is good.

What's good in the movie
The performance of the main and supporting cast in the film is good, but still you will find their performance somewhat average as South does not feel in their body language and speaking style.

What's bad with the movie
Talking about the direction of Shakeela film, you will find the biggest drawback of this film right here, because the director gave a very important moment like how Shakeela was exploited, she got cheated and how much pressure was always on her. An attempt has been made to show that it will look like it could not help to strengthen the film emotionally.

Shakeela is the weakness of the film, its music which is average and fails to take you to the environment about which that song or film is made.

The screenplay of Shakeela film completely fails to keep you engaged as you will not get to see the depth in the characters.

Shakeela movie star cast
Pankaj Tripathi: Salim, Richa Ascended: Shakeela, Rajeev Pillai: Arjun, Kajol Chugh: Young Shakeela, Vicky Kadian: Young Arjun

What is the story of Shakeela movie?
The story of the film starts with a girl who faces poverty and hunger every day, probably because when she was asked for the adult scene in films, she did not show any tantrums in it and kept doing her work very hard. He also got the result of this soon and his demand was mostly in adult films but due to this his family got angry and separated from him.

After so much success of Shakeela, people started getting jealous of them and some big faces of the industry made them responsible for the role of actress Shakeela who played such a role for the rape in the society. Due to which the work started snatching from his hands, now whether Shakeela manages to keep her existence in the film or not, this is the story of this film.

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