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Shocking 15 facts associated with airplanes and information you might not know.


Friends, we all have had a dream since childhood and it is now to travel in a plane whether it is as a passenger or as an airplane's staff. This dream is fulfilled by many people, but there are many people whose dreams are fulfilled in a long time or not. If we talk about the airplane, then many people have very little knowledge about the airplane even though they are traveling in the airplane.

Let us look at some such information, friends, which will increase your knowledge further.

1 - Who built the ship first?
Friends, if you have read who built the plane, then everywhere you will find the answer of Wright Brothers who built it in 1903 but very few people would know that Shivakar Bapuji Talpade made his first plane in Mumbai in 1895 The invention was shown in front of people who were able to fly in the air for some time but due to the pressure of the British, they did not get any funds to pursue this invention and when they got the fund for this, the British took them captive Was so that he could not pursue his quest.


2 - How many pilots are on the airplane and why?
Friends, do you know that in this time of technology, every machinery is capable of auto mode, even airplanes, but then you will always get two pilots in the plane. But it is not that every airplane has two pilots, but when a pilot is on training, he is present on the flight as the third pilot.

If one pilot falls asleep on the plane, the other pilot manages the airplane, but if both of them fall asleep, then the airplane is technically so capable that if any in the system to operate the airplane If there is no movement, the airplane's system automatically sends a message to the operating room, where all the airplanes are given directions.

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3 - What language is necessary to fly an airplane?
The English language is necessary for the pilot to fly because English is an international language i.e. English language is necessary at all the airports of the world so that you can easily avail the airport or emergency facility of another country in case of any problem.

4 - Do airplane pilots never eat a meal?
Yes, it may sound strange to you, but it's true. If the two pilots of the airplane eat the same food and if there is anything wrong with that food, then it can have an effect on the passengers traveling in the airplane besides the two pilots, so both pilots can never eat a single meal, whenever They are flying or flying the airplane.

5 - Friends, when there is a lack of oxygen in the airplane, you are asked to use an oxygen mask, but do you know that with an oxygen mask you can only take oxygen for 15-20 minutes.

6 - While traveling on the plane, did you notice that the food you get on the plane does not seem so special. This is because when the plane is at a height, the taste of our jib changes so that you sometimes do not find the food delicious.

7 - What is the function of a pushback truck?
Friends, you must have asked yourself this question before traveling by air. The pushback truck is used to carry the plane to the runway and back. It is used because the plane has to use its jet engine to move from one place to another, but in doing so the soil and dust on the runway are afraid to enter the jet engine causing the engine to malfunction.


8 - How many autopilots are on the plane?
An auto-pilot is a computer program that has been given the right to take certain decisions on its own in the event of an emergency. But no computer program is so secure that it cannot be hacked by the wrong people, so every plane has two auto-pilots so that if an auto-pilot computer somehow comes under the control of the wrong logo and that plane is directed in its direction Once you start giving instructions, the second autopilot computer first checks that instruction. If he feels that this instruction has been given without any reason, he immediately turns off the autopilot computer first.

9 - Can the plane doors open while traveling?
Many times you must have thought about what would happen if the plane doors opened during the journey. Friends, when the airplane is in the air, the pressure starts to rise in it, the longer the time and the higher the airplane flies, the more the pressure becomes. But there is no need to panic the passengers because the doors of the plane are made keeping in mind the same pressure which does not open in a normal way, so the rate of opening of the door in the air is low.

To open the door you must first pull the door towards the under, then push it to the side and finally, it opens out. In such a situation, the possibility of opening the plane door during the journey or anytime is very less.

It is true that if the door is opened by mistake during the journey, then all the people, including luggage, will get out of the airplane.

10 - Is the lettering of the plane lowered by air?
There is a tank of 200 gallons inside each plane, inside which the airplane's toilet is stored, this tank is emptied when the airplane lands. In this era of modernity, toilets are also manufactured with the technology of vacuum, so both sewage and water are stored separately in the tank.

11 - Can it be dangerous to sit on a plane sheet and press the flush?
Yes, the air pressure is very high during the journey in the plane, so whenever the flush is pressed into the toilet, extra pressure is created. If anyone sits in the toilet and presses the flush, it can be dangerous for them and you can get trapped due to this pressure. A poster or sticker of related information is definitely put in the toilet so that people can get information in advance.

12 - Why are the windows of the plane round?
Initially, the plane windows were square but after some incidents, it was found that the square windows are more opposed to the wind so the pressure on the airplane becomes more, so these windows were later changed to a slightly rounded shape. This shape does not resist the wind much and does not create much pressure on the air.


13 - A small round hole is made in every window of the plane to make it easier for air to come and go so that the air pressure is balanced. In addition to this, it also balances the fog on the windows during winter. Airplane windows are made of acrylic material.

14 - Most of the passengers have difficulty in the ears while traveling in a plane because this is because the air pressure is high around our ears, so if you feel like this, then you have to close your nose and mouth and let the air from the ear. It is recommended to remove or you can also chew some candy or chuigam.

15 - Only one engine is sufficient for the aircraft to fly because its engine is made to run for a long time so the airplane can be flown and landed with only one engine. The pilot of the airplane is also trained in the same way that he can only egress the airplane with the help of the engine.

Our post is about the information available on the internet in 2020. We are showing and telling it like a knowledge enhancing information. If you have any suggestions and complaints related to this article, then mail us at reviewdigitalworld@gmail.com

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