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The idea was good but the series was not good. Chakravyuh web series review, star cast, story plot of web series, what is good and bad in the series.


Chakravyuh web series review

If people do not know about how big and dangerous cybercrime is, then your life can change in a few seconds and you will not be able to do anything. All this will be in front of your eyes and you will also be unable to stop it because it is not so easy to stop them, so the government keeps alerting you through many types of messages. The cinema world has also shown its interest in this subject, so some films in Bollywood and Tollywood are also seen on it.

Some of this illusion has been tried to understand the audience within the direct series Chakravyuh by Sajit Warrier. To be fair, within Bollywood, no attempt has been made to show cybercrime in the depths of any film, whereas if you look at the recent South Indian film Abhimanyudu, then you will understand both the depth of cybercrime and its consequences, but let us review the Chakravyuh web series right now.

This series takes you with blood suspense and then turns to cybercrime and cryptocurrency, which will be very exciting to hear and read but you will realize that by watching the series, the series itself is from its main issue. Is wandering The series seems to be trying to cover a lot of aspects in one series, due to which the directors seem unable to cover all of them in the end.

In the series, Prateik Babbar is seen as a police officer, but to be honest, even Prateik Babbar would not have thought that it would be so lifeless to be on screen because only a few simple scenes have been shown by the director in a very simple way. . The series proves to be completely unsuccessful in keeping you tied because the kind of twist the writer has kept for this series has already been seen by the audience today, so you should keep more adventures in the story or your direction. The level should be that the audience automatically binds itself to that scene.

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What is the rating of the Chakravyuh web series?

This series has got a rating of 6.7 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give this film 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Chakravyuh is a total of 8 episodes of the web series.

How is the Chakravyuh web series and should we watch it?

If you are more interested in the genre of cybercrime, then you should watch this series, but you have already seen a lot in this area, then you will not find anything new in it, so keep in mind that this series is not family.


Prateek Babbar - He is a major role in the series, for which Prateik Babbar has also worked hard, you will definitely see his hard work, but there will definitely be some nervousness in himself because you fear playing the main character in him and in his dialogue. Will feel in which he has not been able to give his best. For him, the action scenes are not well shot by the director so he cannot be blamed for this.

Both Ashish Vidyarthi and Asif Basra are very well-liked actors, which they have shown well in their roles. He makes his presence well in the hearts of the audience and he has done it easily in this series.

What is good in the Chakravyuh web series?

There are aspects like Murder, Crime, Cyber ​​Attack, Side Effects of the Social World, and CryptoCurrency which are quite capable to keep you hooked on the series.

The direction of the Chakravyuh Web Series
- Some episodes of the series offer you a sample of the best quality production quality that makes you feel like watching a rich web series.

The characters are well written to connect with the people on screen so that you can know more about their old life.

The music of the Chakravyuh web series will seem average to you, but the Background music of the series is made in such a way that you will automatically become interested in the series.

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What's wrong with the Chakravyuh web series?

The performance of the actors in the series is so high that you will get angry at their casting because the supporting actors were not playing their part in full honesty, which was clearly visible from the view.

The action of the series was very simple, which is very important for such a series.

You will not like the screenplay of the series so much that you enjoy it a lot.

How to watch the Chakravyuh web series for free?

You will get the Chakravyuh web series for free in MX player, for which you will have to download the MX player app. Now you will see this series on the first screen, for which you will have to log in, if you do not have an account then you can open your account too so that you can watch more series for free.

Team members of the Chakravyuh web series

Director: Sajit Warrier

Star cast of Chakravyuh web series

Prateek Babbar, Gopal Dutt, Simran Kaur Mundi, Ravi Pandey, Shiv Pandit, Urvashi Jayanti Sardhara, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sharad, Balwinder, Asif Basra, Nitin Dhongade, Manoj Jaiswal, Rohan Joshi, Rajesh Khera, Anuradha Rajadhyaksha, Aditi Sanwal, Dharia Singh, Madan Singh

Story plot of Chakravyuh Web Series

Veerkar is an angry, on-the-spot police officer who decides on the spot, but at the same time, he is also an honest policeman who has the power to catch the perpetrator at all costs and this is what always saved his career. He is now tasked with investigating some bloodshed in the city, in which Veerakar sees a gang of cybercrime that is always one step ahead of Veerakar.

While investigating the case, many people are suspicious, including his girlfriend, but how Veerkar breaks out of the criminal's trap and catches the real criminal is the story of the Chakravyuh web series.

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