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Godzilla vs Kong movie review, star cast, story plot of the film, download free torrent leak link on filmyZilla and telegram.


Godzilla vs Kong film complete review

This film was made so much hype in the audience by the makers that people are going to see it in the coronary time of Corona too, but the makers of the film also know that in such a time, people are filming You will not take many risks on this, so if you have not seen the film yet, then you can watch it on HBO MAX after a few days.

Let's get straight to the review of Godzilla vs Kong, Godzilla vs Kong is part of the 2014 movie Godzilla ie monsterverse franchise where a lot of titans were seen in the previous movie and every titan was given a little time that you Understand how he was born and what his strength is. Similarly, in the Godzilla film, the makers also kept in mind that the film should have a light story but use the best technology so that you get lost in their world.

Godzilla vs Kong has directed a film by Adam Wingard and you will have to give your time close to 2 hours to watch this film. The plot of the film Godzilla vs Kong was prepared from the previous film itself where at the end of the film you were shown the lab of the apex and in it you got to see the head of the king kidora. In this lab, the king kidora is tried to resurrect him so that he can control him but the opposite happens and he becomes a threat to the earth.

As you may know, Godzilla and Kong are both beings of different worlds from which Godzilla comes only when he realizes a monster and he is eager to tell him that this earth The king is that. Through the same King Kong movie, you will already know that Kong is the King of Skull Island, where the environment is different but in time of time, it becomes dangerous to live, so the monarch organization brings Kong to itself. By creating an atmosphere exactly like a skull island.

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In this film, the story thrills you even more because very big and funny secrets are revealed to you about how Kong was born or who his ancestors were, and how much his strength is. The film will be shown in front of you a new world called Hallow world which is on the opposite of the earth and the way to go here is also thrilling, which gives a different feeling to see. In this world, you will get to see many monsters, but no time is given over any monsters because they all just come and go away.

The focus of the entire film is largely on Kong, Godzilla is shown on screen just to fight. However, according to the name, the fight of both of them is also shown on the screen and both have been given the chance to win so that the audience can maintain their attachment to both, or as a viewer, you start liking the person more. But here are some things that we have to understand as well, because Kong is very young, so he is not fully young yet. Secondly, Godzilla has many natural powers, whereas Kong is dependent only on his strength. This was also understood by the film's makers and so for this big fight, Kong is shown using his mind to build weapons and use them.

What is the rating of the Godzilla vs Kong movie?

This film has a rating of 7.6 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give this film 3.5 stars out of 5.

How is Godzilla vs Kong movie and should we watch it?

Yes, this film answers your interest and many questions. The best story and action are the life of this film as this time you get to see the battle of two big and your favorite monsters.

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what's good in Godzilla vs Kong movie?

Godzilla vs Kong The direction of the film is so amazing that when you sit in the beginning to watch the film, till the end, your heart will think that whom should I support? The film goes straight into your heart right from the beginning as the rest of the characters of the film also play their role in exactly the same way with the characters created by these computers, which play a huge role in making the events real.

Talking about some specifics, there have definitely been mistakes, but the action, emotions in the film, the way Adam Wingard has landed on the screen, the kind of vibe you need, to see this kind of film on-screen, you have to see it here. Is found. The director has understood this very well that people are watching this film only and only for the fight of both the monsters, then the fight of both should be excellent and many times which is a very good idea and we get to see it.

Godzilla vs Kong The music and background music of the film is the best, Junkie XL has kept the music of this film in such a way that will make you sit on the seat. The music of tension, emotions, and fight and the scene itself is tremendous.

what's worse in Godzilla vs Kong movies?

Godzilla, who is the main character of the film, has been given so little time on screen that you will definitely find it a bit bad because the film is based on both, so we did not get to see Godzilla's association with any of the characters of the film, as in the previous film of Godzilla I finally got to see it.

Just as Godzilla has been given less time, king kidora is not given the same amount of time and he too comes to live and eventually fight, although he is a villain who has no human or anyone. There is no relation but still, the experience of seeing the manner in which kidora was commanding the rest of the Monsters in the previous film was quite spectacular.

Godzilla vs Kong movie screenplay is very fast so a lot of things get done very quickly due to which we get to see a little strange logic like downloading the power of the hallow world in computer to live up to Kong - really Can it happen

This time Kong is shown a relationship with a girl who is shown without any background, you will definitely find it strange as a viewer. Similarly, Millie Bobby Brown, who was seen playing a very important character in the previous film, is shown as a simple character in this film, it is about understanding why.

One thing in the film that will prick you a bit is that there are so many human characters in the film, but the role of anyone is not big enough to be able to tie the film with its performance.

Kong's entry in the film is also not like that of many previous films because in this you do not know why he seems weak from the beginning but after going into the hallow world, he gets a different strength as if he drank a lot of glucose.

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Talking about Kong and Godzilla, their work is excellent and you will get all your money because you have gone to see them on screen, but in the case of other humans, no one has been given much time in this film that you can join that character. Why should the role of every character is very small and big or not, even if he is connected or seen with these monsters somewhere? Therefore, you will not be able to remember by watching the entire film that a human character has helped to elevate the film with his performance.

Godzilla vs Kong movie team members

Director: Adam Wingard
Music: Junkie XL
Cinematography: Ben Seresin
Producer: Alex Garcia

Godzilla vs Kong movie star cast

Alexander Skarsgård: Nathan Lind, Millie Bobby Brown: Madison Russell, Rebecca Hall: Ilene Andrews, Brian Tyree Henry: Bernie Hayes, Shun Oguri: Ren Serizawa, Eiza González: Maya Simmons, Julian Dennison: Josh Valentine, Kyle Chandler: Mark Russell, Demián Bichir: Walter Simmons, Kaylee Hottle: Jia, Hakeem Kae-Kazim: Admiral Wilcox, Ronny Chieng: Jay Wayne, John Pirruccello: Horace, Chris Chalk: Ben, Conlan Casal: Apex Cybernetics Security Guard, Brad McMurray: Apex Cybernetics Security Guard, Benjamin Rigby: Sonar Operator

Godzilla vs Kong movie story

The two main characters in the film's story are Kong and Godzilla. In the film, Kong brings the monarch organization Kong from his old skull island and places him in a skull island-like environment, but when Godzilla realizes Kong's presence, he comes to fight Kong. There is a fight between the two in which Godzilla defeats Kong very badly so Monarch sends him to a place where Kong and his ancestors came from, ie the hallow world, to strengthen Kong again.

Kong gets a lot of knowledge about his ancestors and his existence and manifold strength, fighting weapons with which he confronts the Godzilla and wins. Now comes the evil side entry in the story, which revives the king kidora, to control it, as soon as the kidora is alive, the devastation on the earth starts to wreak havoc.

Now Kong and Godzilla fight together which is quite long and exciting. In the end, Godzilla and Kong win but now whether these two will live together in the future or will fight further and you will know which monsters we can get to see next.

Torrent and telegram link leak of Godzilla vs Kong movie

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How to watch Godzilla vs Kong movie for free?

Right now the film has been released in theaters but if you don't want to go to the theater then you can stay till March 31 because then the film is going to be released on HBO Max. For this, you have to make a plan of HBO Max, so that you can easily watch series and movies made on these banners.

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