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Bombay Begums Series Review, Series Download torrent link Leaked By Filmyzilla, Star Cast, story plot of the series.


Review of Bombay Begums web series

At the moment, if we talk about good content, then everyone's focus is more towards the crime genre, while Netflix is ​​known for having a variety of variety in its content menu. Another series has been added to this menu called Bombay Begums which is written and directed by Alankrita Shrivastava and some parts have also been directed by Borneela Chatterjee but mainly Alankrita Shrivastava is the director of this film who had earlier Dolly Kitty and Those Twinkling Stars,, lipstick under my burkha, made in heaven.

Simply put, this series does not look anything new to you, seeing that this series is somewhat different from the previous work of Alankrita and this is because in some way the issue of the film or series is to the Globe of Women Empowerment You seem to be preparing, but as you watch the film, wearing a true feminine charm, you will realize that this balloon is filled with only one kind of air, which we do not need to say, you will see yourself. Only you will understand.

This series has already come in controversies for this type of writing, which will make you feel a little bad, seeing that this way of showing life is right? Is life really like that because no character in the series is happy and is doing a man crime on all the women as shown, it looks like an artificial look. Before judging this series, we and any audience who watches it will be forced to think about the ideas being shown first and this series will make you desperate for life somewhere, which is the right thing for a good series. Is not.

Pooja Bhatt is making her comeback from the series and her comeback is very effective which is reflected by her performance. But if we talk about the rest of the supporting cast, then they have failed to show their work well and if they talk about the male characters, then a confusing situation has been made for them in the series where they did not get a chance to show something big like this. But with this, the series is showing them only bad.

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What is the rating of Bombay Begums web series?

This series has a rating of 4.9 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give this series 1.5 out of 5 stars.

How is the Bombay Begums web series and should we watch it?

No, if you want to see good content then in our opinion do not watch it and if you want to see it for any other reason then it is your choice. This series is not a family at all.


Pooja Bhatt's character and personality are as effective as shown in this series, or simply say that she played her, is really shining like a crystal and makes the other characters fade with her shine. Being on the top post of a bank and the fight to save his post and the rise of his life, he has shown his good work on his own.

Amrita Subhash is the life of this series or simply say that if you can afford the series a little, it is because of Amrita's performance. She has played the role of a domineering woman well with her mother's role, who can fight anyone for her honor and child and will not be left behind in taking advantage of anyone.

Talking about the other characters, Rahul Bose and Imaduddin Shah do not have such a big role but then their work is fine but if they talk about some different female characters like Aadhya Anand, Shahana Goswami, Palbita Borthakur, they feel that this is something In an attempt to show too much, there is something different from the character because you will never feel connected to them. Especially the work of Palbita Borthakur will take you only a few overs, now it was either the demand of the director or Palbita Borthakur could not play it as well.

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What is good in the Bombay Begums web series?

If you talk about good points in the story, then you will like its direction of Bombay Begums because you like the award-winning camera work of the story and its quality. As much as the rich background has been spent in showing the rich people, the attention has been given in showing the background of a middle-class family, due to which you see the series trying to connect you.

The series has shown stories of some characters, in which you will definitely like the story centered on some characters and the characters who play it, like Pooja Bhatt's character and the story revolving around them, will like you.

What's wrong with the Bombay Begums web series?

There are 6 episodes in the series but still the story runs slow, however, it was a demand of the story but still, you will see a lot of scenes like this which leads to excessive slowness due to which you start getting bored.

There is not much attention to the background of the character in the series, so as the story goes on, you have to connect with the character from there, so you have only got a few characters to work with because all those actors are so adept at their work. That they are able to connect you with half the story as well.

The character of any male in the series has not been written in such a big way that you do not realize that both men and women are being viewed in the same way, but in the series some more negative thoughts in the name of women empowerment as shown, due to this, from the beginning of the series, you will be seen doing a negative set.

The music and background music of the Bombay Begums series are also below average due to which the series has been unable to connect with the audience despite strong topics like women empowerment.

Crew members of Bombay Begums web series

Directors: Borneela Chatterjee, Alankrita Srivastava
Writer: Alankrita Srivastava, Iti Aggarwal, Borneela Chatterjee
Cinematography: Akshay Singh

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Bombay Begums Web Series Characters

Pooja Bhatt: Rani, Shahana Goswami: Fatima, Amrita Subhash: Lily, Palbita Borthakur: Ayesha, Adya Anand: Shai, Manish Chaudhary, Vivek Gomber, Sia Mahajan, Sachin Choudhary, Sanghamitra Hitaishi, Neil Raj Devan, Rahul Bose, Vihaan, among others. Vivek Tandon, Udit Arora, Gaurav Bakshi

What is the story of the Bombay Begums series?

The story of the series is made in four parts by placing different characters on top of it, in which Pooja Bhat is in a good position in a bank, while the husband is also less attractive to his wife with a high influence. Pooja has to fight the conspiracies going on against her in her own home, Santha in her bank. Shanaya Goswami has been trying for a child for a long time, then she finds a way in the meantime to pursue her career but now she should try for her child or she is stuck in this dilemma in her career.

Amrita Subhash, who is raising her child alone, has been a prostitute and even now she is ready to do everything for the good future of her child. She gets such an opportunity as Pooja Bhatt, now how much she redeems this opportunity is a challenge for her. Plobita Borthakur Pooja, the last character of the series, works at Bhatt's bank and wants to take her career far ahead for which everything is ready to be done.

How the story of these four are connected and whose dreams are fulfilled is shown in this series.

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How to watch the Bombay Begums web series for free?

For this, you have to take a Netflix plan so that you can easily watch series and movies made on these banners easily.

We are showing and telling it like knowledge-enhancing information. If you have any suggestions or complaints related to this article, mail us at reviewdigitalworld@gmail.com!

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