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The married woman web series review, star cast, story plot, series download on tamilrockers and telegram


The married woman web series review

The married woman series, directed by Sahir Raja, is made under the banner of Alt Balaji, in which you are on a woman's loneliness and quest to find her happiness. The show is based on the book "the married woman" written by Manju Kapoor, which has been tried to reach people through web series. The Married Woman web series has 11 episodes and you have to give 30-35 minutes to watch each episode. The story of this series is based on time around 1990 and the story of this series will be seen revolving around Riddhi Dogra.

The series tries to show you what a domestic woman has to surrender in her life, in which a woman named Aastha is shown as a mother, wife, and teacher. A loving couple that has very good chemistry and initially you get to see a perfect lover couple on screen, both get married and then have children. The husband works hard to meet the needs of his family and hence he is unable to give love and time to his wife. With which his wife starts to feel the emptiness that is usually seen in the life of every domestic woman. Even you find the story to be very good because you connect with the faith and faith of Hemant and start connecting this story with yourself.

After this, the director has given a different twist to the story and in the story now, to see the angle of lesbian which you do not think is logical because a love-loving woman makes it close to the other woman for this, it will make you think that the writer Can think anything. The director has tried to raise more social issues in the series, such as politics, the tension between the two societies, and the construction of the Ram temple, the director has also tried to shed light but also kept in mind that this will make his series And there should not be any problem in their name.

If you want to review The Married Woman web series in a few words, then we are really happy with some parts of this series, but many things and issues are just misleading you. The series tries to shed light on women's freedom, women's empowerment, but if you look at the ground reality and think, then you will see this series as something different from reality.

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What is the rating of The Married Woman web series?

This series has got a rating of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give this series 2.5 out of 5 stars.

How's the Married Woman web series and should we watch it?

The series makes you think, but just to some extent, if there is nothing, then you can see it and by not watching it, you will not miss anything big.


Riddhi Dogra - A good thing that forces you to watch this series from beginning to end, then it is Riddhi Dogra's performance. The story of the series had a lot of space for them like happiness, love, sorrow, loneliness, lack of husband's love, and in the end the pressure of society. In truth, Riddhi has not let his grip on all these aspects weaken and he has proved himself as a good actress.

Suhas Ahuja - Another name that you will like in this series is that of Suhas Ahuja, who has played the role of a responsible husband very well after his dialogue delivery and love boy. Like a good actress, Suhas's dialogues will be seen adding more to Suhas and this is the sign of a good artist.

Imaduddin Shah has drawn the attention of Critic with his seriousness and tight acting, though he has been shown in a similar role before and it can be said that he is a genre in which Imaduddin Shah has a good grip.

Monica Dogra has tried to portray herself in the role of an independent woman, but you definitely find her acting lacking somewhere because she looks lost in herself. Now it was the demand of the story or the aspect of his performance, but because of this, you do not enjoy seeing him in the role of an independent woman.

What's good in The Married Woman web series?

The characters of the series have been well developed which helps you to connect with the characters. Starting the series with the love of a loving couple, the director has connected the story with the audience well and besides this the main characters in the series have good work due to which you remain somewhat tied to the series.

What's Bad in The Married Woman Web Series?

The screenplay of The Married Woman web series at first 2-3 connects you in a good way, but after that, the story gets so slow that you will like to cut it out. You will be seen cooking many khichdi one after the other because many plots are started but those stories are left in half.

The direction of The Married Woman web series will make you feel so weak that you will feel that it is not a web series, it is a serial because the decade of which it has been tried to appear will not be felt from anywhere. The director has neither paid special attention to the set, location, and characters nor the dialog given to the characters because the dialog seems too weak and shared in today's times.

Talking about the music of The Married Woman web series, she is also very weak.

Team members of The Married Woman web series

Director: Sahir Raja
Writer: Aparna Nadig, Jaya Mishra

Star cast of The Married Woman web series

Riddhi Dogra: Aastha, Monica Dogra: Piplika, Imaduddin Shah: Aizaz Khan, Suhas Ahuja: Hemant, Nadira Babbar, Diane Kothari, Myra Rajpal, Rahul Vohra, Divya Unni, Sangeeta Balachandran, Ayesha Raja, Divya Seth Shah, Preeti Aggarwal, David Baraunay, Nabil Ahmed, Samridhi Dewan

The Story of the Married Woman Web Series

Aastha is an Indian middle-class wife who puts the family before herself and sacrifices the best years of her life to care for a joint family. Husband Hemant works hard to fulfill the wishes of his family but in this affair, he is unable to give his time to the family which he used to give earlier. Astha is happy in her worldly life but one day she meets the free-thinking Ijaz, after which her attitude of looking at her life changes.

When she meets Ejaz's widow Piplika, she is attracted to him and he begins to feel her love. The more faith Faith gets from Peepilika, the more she gets attracted to Peepalika. Now how far their love relationship goes and what obstacles can society prevent Riddhi and how far these two women can fight their love, you will have to watch this series.

Download the married woman web series torrent and telegram link

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How to watch The married woman web series in free

For this, you have to make a plan of Alt Balaji or zee5, so that you can easily watch series and movies made on these banners easily.

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