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The wife movie review, star cast, story plot of the film, download free link leak on Tamilrockers, telegram.


zee5 movie the wife 2021 complete review

Since childhood, you must have seen many horror shows, which in childhood you used to get quite scary because at that time we have seen less of that kind of make-up and horror, due to which most people were scared. Today, there have been more than one horror movie and movies on the OTT platform and movies, due to which the level of fear of people has increased significantly.

Meanwhile, Sarmad Khan, the director, has brought a story of revenge in the form of a light-hearted horror film. The main genre of The Wife Movie is Crime and Horror, which will make you feel like watching an entire movie for a few minutes of crime that reminds you of old movies somewhere. But the most difficult thing for the audience is that the horror in the film comes after so long that by then you must have stopped the film and the horror shown is not too shocking for you.

The technical aspect of the film is also very weak, so wherever you see the use of technology on screen, you will easily tell the difference, which is a big failure for the makers. The scenes of the trees shown in many scenes also seem to be very fake and the technique used in the climax is quite disappointing which is necessary for the success of the horror film.

If you look at the director's level of the film a little more deeply, then you will realize that most of the scenes of this film will be seen with the light of the light, which reduces the horror feeling. There is a scene calling a ghost in the film, a small light scene of Gurmeet in the dark, and a scene of ghosts, you will not see the use of dark themes anywhere.

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The screenplay of the wife movie

Talking about the screenplay of The Wife movie, because the film lacks a lot of action, fear, suspense, so the director wanted to keep the screenplay of the film in such a way that the audience would be connected to this film somewhere We do not get to see much depth in the role of anyone other than Gurmeet Chaudhary, due to which the film fails to add you. The pace of the film is also not very impressive and you soon get bored of the film.

The wife movie music and background score

The Wife film music has definitely tried that you always realize that something is going to happen now but the opposite of it happens, this music only cheats you in the end so it is not that the music is the fault here because the music The director has tried his best to wake up suspense in your mind, but if you do not see this on-screen, then you stop enjoying that music too.

The wife film cinematography

You will definitely count the cinematography of the Wife 2021 zee5 film as most of the series was shot in a flat, in which this flat has been presented very well. An attempt has been made to use every room and every place, but since the artists are giving most of their shots in the room, you cannot expect too much from the cameraman.

What is the rating of the movie the wife?

This film has got a rating of 4.5 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give this film 2 stars out of 5.

How is The Wife film and should we watch it?

If you do not have any other content, then you can see it, otherwise, there is nothing special in it that you miss it.

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Gurmeet Chaudhary's work is not good in this film, but to stay connected with this series, you definitely give him a reason. For him, a strong character is not in the film, but his role in the film seems to be more active, so you can easily judge Gurmeet that he is doing well with his work.

If you do not expect the rest of the characters, then it is good because their work will make you feel that there is a huge shortcoming in the series about casting and it is not because the characters are new but their performance still feels a lot of change.

Team members of the wife movie

Director: Sarmad Khan
Writing: Manoj Kalwani, Sarmad Khan
Producer: Ajay R. Yadav
Editor: Manish More

Star cast of the wife movie

Gurmeet Chaudhary: Varun, Shweta Dadhich: Dr. Raima Das, Sayani Dutta: Arya, Niloy Rashid Zaki: Kabir, Divyansh Kaushik: Katrina Murad, Rajeev Pandey: Vikram Desai, Jyoti Patel: Widow, Anchal Singh: Sarika, Chandrakant Taneja: Ishwar Reddy

The wife movie complete story

Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sayani Dutta are newly married couples who take a flat in a Mumbai apartment after marriage and come to live there. But from the day they arrive in their new house, there are some scary incidents happening in their house. Initially, they take time to understand what is happening to them but soon they come to know that the soul of a girl named Sarika is in the form of a ghost in their flat and she is causing them trouble. Now whether Gurmeet gets rid of this ghost or not, you will have to watch this film on zee5.

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How to watch the wife movie for free?

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