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Love J Action web series review, star cast, story plot of the series, series download link leak on tamilrockers torrent, filmyZilla, telegram?


Love j action web series review

The series depicting the best action, emotions, jokes, and innocent love is Love J Action, which you may not have seen so much promotion, but believe me, if you have a Sony Liv plan then your money will be worth it because this series will be initially Confuses you so that you start making your interest in the series. Then after the love and jokes rain you down and finally its action makes you happy that you have seen something good.

There are many new characters to be seen in this series, who are female to surprise you with their tremendous performance because in very few places you will feel that their performance is less than that of a good artist. Talking about it with the director and the writer is also not very experienced, probably because this thing has a negative effect on the series.

The story of the series may seem old-fashioned to you, but the way of showing it has been done by the director keeping in mind the youth of today, so this series is able to connect the youth of today soon. But the editing of the series has broken the back of this series because the editor has cut a lot of scenes, it is visible in the series because any scene starts from anywhere and reaches anywhere, the story behind which is completely missed. Which proves to be very bad for this series.

Saurabh Tiwari has directed the Love j action series and has also written by Saurabh Tiwari. There are a total of 6 episodes in this series, in which each episode is between 30 and 45 minutes, which shows that the director has tried to keep every episode short. As the episodes in this series are short, this is what the formula director has done about casting, so you won't see too many characters so that you can easily remember and understand each character.

The final climax will surprise you, but after watching some of the twists shown in the series, the final twist seems a bit absurd, which has been tried to clear some of the stories, but you are not that little.

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What is the rating of the Love j action series?

This series has got a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB and we will give 2.5 out of 5 stars to this series.

How is the Love j action web series and should we watch it?

You can definitely watch this series once but the power-packed series was shown to you in the trailer, but it is more average than that series, so expect more than before.


Anud Singh Dhaka is the lifeblood of this series, exactly the kind of character Chocolate Boy and Naughty Hero are needed in such a love story, played by Anud Singh. In addition, he has done a complete experiment with his character, in which he is controlling emotions in every way. If you see a new hero doing such an act, then you too will definitely be impressed by them.

Talking about some more special roles, Kangan Baruah Nangia and Priyank Tiwari will also be impressed by both of you. Kangan Baruah's presence on the screen makes you very happy, his expressions seem very natural to you. Priyank Tiwari will force you to praise his dialogue delivery with his comic timing.

Puru Chibber's tuff suits a lot in the role of a policeman, in which he can go to any extent for torturing a criminal. Their body movements, language, and mood make you afraid of them. Rohit Chaudhary has been seen in very small roles before but in this series he has caught his attention with good action.

What's Good in the Love j action Web Series?

The performance of all the characters in the Love J Action web series is quite good and the main characters have got a chance to join them.

You will find the action and camera work of the Love J Action web series fun and new, in which new experiments have been done, which increases the fun of watching the series.

Love ji action web series direction is average in which the characters are kept and molded according to the story according to the need, but there is never a moment that makes you feel like watching a big series.

What's wrong with the Love j action web series?

The screenplay of the Love j action web series makes you feel good in one of the episodes and is heavily drawn in some. In addition to this, many characters initially look at us, but after seeing their past, they disappear further, which seems quite childish.

The music and background music of the Love J Action web series will make you feel like something is cutting in the middle or there is some disturbance in it that is hindering you from joining it.

Team Members of Love j action Web Series

Director: Saurabh Tiwari
Screenplay: Amitabh Singh Ramakshtra, Saurabh Tiwari, Shashank Kunwar, Pranjal Saxena
Producer: Kewal Sethi, Sumit Chaudhary

Star Cast of Love j action Web Series

Anud Singh Dhaka: Jackson Awasthi, Kangan Baruah Nangia: Kamya Gupta, Puru Chhibber: Abhay Anand, Rohit Chaudhary, Priyank Tiwari, Harish Chhabra, Neeraj Sood, Anil Dhawan, Deepraj Rana, Dhan Tejas


Story of Love j action web series

The story of the series begins with Jackson Awasthi, who meets in a wounded condition, goes to the police but here the police are looking for him himself, a girl named Kamya Gupta because the police and the girl's family think that the girl is being driven away. This boy has a hand. The boy is tortured in every way but the boy is adamant.

The whole story is on the plot of where the girl is, whether she is alive or not, and if she is alive, where is she. It is in this search that there are twists of the whole story, in which many old secrets open so that you will have to watch this series to know.

Download Love J Action web series torrent and telegram link

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How to watch Love J Action web series in free

For this, you have to make a plan of Alt Balaji or zee5, so that you can easily watch series and movies made on these banners easily.

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